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best wine charms ever!

I’ve never been a big fan of wine charms… So many of them look trinket-y, and those cutesy little shapes turn out to be rather unmemorable after a glass or two of wine. But these wonderful wine charms are as charming … Continue reading

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setting a formal table

Our tabletop conventions here in America have their roots in British tradition, where the classical progression of courses is as follows: cocktails/appetizers, soup, fish, meat/fowl, salad, dessert, coffee. The traditional British table setting, including glassware, is set up to follow … Continue reading

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creative tabletops

Most people consider renting plates and glasses only when they are planning a large event; but this can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to create a lavish tabletop design for a smaller gathering. If you enjoy the luxury of a … Continue reading

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unique glistening countertop

This exquisite countertop material gets its festive sparkle from tiny flakes of aluminum scrap, held together by a composite substrate. Alkemi is a wonderful option for a bar counter or any small space where you want a little “pop.” Because … Continue reading

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