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kitchen garden ideas

I really enjoyed this this new Ideabook on Houzz, showcasing lots of innovative products for growing herbs and spices either right inside your kitchen, or just outside on a patio or deck. Check it out! Advertisements

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I want to love this, but…

I admit there’s something I don’t love about the toilet (that’s the part on the right) being so visually connected to the place where you Brush your Teeth. Having said that, it’s definitely a great design in a lot of … Continue reading

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control the heat from your iPhone and more!

Last month, I came down with an awful case of the stomach flu. Lying there queasily feeling tired and weak, I really wished I could turn up the heat from an app on my iPhone. In that particular moment, getting … Continue reading

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modular wall tiles from Sweden

I can’t wait to use these new sound-absorbing wall tiles in a music room, media room or children’s playroom! They can be customized in unlimited ways to create a textural cocoon, a bold splash of color or a whimsical bit … Continue reading

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stop the junk mail

Want to reduce clutter and save natural resources at the same time? Try using this free service to stop receiving all those catalogs that you never requested and don’t need or want! With a click of your mouse, you can … Continue reading

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creative tabletops

Most people consider renting plates and glasses only when they are planning a large event; but this can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to create a lavish tabletop design for a smaller gathering. If you enjoy the luxury of a … Continue reading

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recycled leather

Did you know that leather can be recycled? It’s a relatively new process, but I expect to see this product category explode in the next few years. The beauty of recycled leather might surprise you; often it is impossible to … Continue reading

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an inspiring hearth

A fireplace provides a sense of warmth that is both tangible and emotional. Gathering around the hearth in the wintertime evokes a primal feeling of safety and security; and in most American homes, the hearth area functions as a dominant … Continue reading

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reclaimed designer fabrics

I just discovered a fabric source that is so exciting I’m not even able to type straight right now! It is called Modern Fabrics and their concept is to salvage the remnants of designer fabrics that normally would go to … Continue reading

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unique glistening countertop

This exquisite countertop material gets its festive sparkle from tiny flakes of aluminum scrap, held together by a composite substrate. Alkemi is a wonderful option for a bar counter or any small space where you want a little “pop.” Because … Continue reading

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