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15 popular countertop materials

When remodeling a kitchen, choosing a material for the countertops is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It’s a big part of the visual impact; and once you start cooking, it’s the surface you’ll interact with the most! … Continue reading

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2012 Kitchen Design Trends

 Reinventing the hood One of the most striking visual changes we’re seeing in next-generation kitchens is that ventilation hoods are turning into works of art. That’s not a crystal chandelier in the photo above – it’s a stove hood! Now, … Continue reading

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keeping fresh food fresh

First some good news: Americans have made some major progress when it comes to dealing with our garbage. Disposal of waste to landfill (as a percentage of total waste) has plummeted dramatically, and in 2008, we recycled and composted 83 million … Continue reading

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unique glistening countertop

This exquisite countertop material gets its festive sparkle from tiny flakes of aluminum scrap, held together by a composite substrate. Alkemi is a wonderful option for a bar counter or any small space where you want a little “pop.” Because … Continue reading

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