fresh ideas for outdoor living

wave hammock - cropped

Wave Hammock

Mmmm… the weather’s getting warmer and it’s time to think about sprucing up our outdoor living areas. And there are some great new outdoor furniture pieces on the market right now! All you ocean-lovers out there might want to check out this elegant wave hammock.  Flawlessly designed, and perfect for a deck overlooking the water!

bubble hut

Bubble Hut


For those misty San Francisco days when you need a little more protection from the elements, how about this elegant, French-designed bubble hut?

You could totally use one of these as a guest room if you have somewhat outdoorsy friends and live in a mild climate. (A little like camping, but eminently more civilized!)

garden globe

Rotating Garden Sphere


Or how about this adorable rotating garden sphere from England? It’s provides great sun protection, so it’s really nice for fair-skinned people like myself. I love the smoked glass, and the aluminum shading at the top and the beautiful interior finishes. It rotates, so you can adjust it with the angle of the sun or wind. I’m truly enchanted by this thing, and would buy one right now except that I’m still choking over the exorbitant price (eee).  Super gorgeous and useful!

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