control the heat from your iPhone and more!

nest-pic-croppedLast month, I came down with an awful case of the stomach flu. Lying there queasily feeling tired and weak, I really wished I could turn up the heat from an app on my iPhone. In that particular moment, getting out of bed seemed a Herculean effort.

Once I felt better, the concept of controlling the thermostat from my iPhone stuck with me for some reason. I decided to investigate further, and a poll of my tech-savvy friends led me to the Nest – otherwise known as the Most Amazing Thermostat On Earth! I’m not normally one to rave about gadgets, but I can’t wait to tell you about this one!

So clearly it allows you to control the temperature from bed, using your iPhone or iPad. That was my point of entry, and I find that I do really love this feature – whether I’m sick or not! But there’s more.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the heater or air before leaving the house? No problem. With the Nest, you can adjust the thermostat from your phone from anywhere in the world. The Nest can actually figure out whether you’re home or not, and turn ITSELF off when you leave.

If you will be heading home soon, and want the house to be a comfortable temperature when you arrive, that’s no problem – just open the app on your phone, view the current temperature inside your house, and adjust as necessary.

If you have a fairly consistent schedule of coming and going, the Nest will learn your habits in about a week and start anticipating the temperatures you prefer at different times of day. (This function doesn’t work for me because my schedule is different every day, but other people seem to be thrilled with it!)

The Nest also gamifies energy savings.  By reporting out the number of hours per day that you are choosing energy-saving temperatures, the Nest offers you an opportunity to beat your best “previous score.”  So far, we have increased our energy savings every single day that we’ve had the Nest, even as outdoor temps have been dropping.

A final note: I realize looks aren’t everything, but have you seen this thing?!? Sleek and round and free of button clutter… It looks fabulous on the wall! Which may turn out to be the only thing it’s good for if it continues to nudge me in the direction of not using the heat at all! 😀

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