shop local on Etsy for holiday gifts

Do you love the idea of buying local, but find it hard to forgo the convenience of shopping online? Me too. Which is why I’m super-excited about my latest discovery: shopping local on Etsy. Here’s a quick sampler of holiday gift ideas for you – all under $100, all designed and crafted with love right here in the Bay Area.

Handmade or vintage not quite the right direction for someone on your list? Another easy way to keep your money local (from the comfort of your home) is to purchase a gift certificate for a local restaurant, dance class, full-body massage, hot air balloon ride, or tickets to iFly. Many of these things can be purchased online or over the phone so you won’t have to brave the crowds. Wishing you a truly joyous and peaceful holiday season!

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One Response to shop local on Etsy for holiday gifts

  1. Dominy says:

    Thank you for curating this list of local Etsy gifts! I love perusing Etsy, but I usually get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and items, so this list is definitely helpful.

    I saw another list over at which also includes gifts from local SF boutiques and designers.

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