nature art of the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is a nature-lover’s paradise, and landscape artists often come here to paint the beautiful scenery. In this post, I’ve highlighted a few artists who I believe are doing a great job of capturing our region’s beauty in unique ways.

To the left is a Japanese-influenced painting of Muir Beach by Tom Killion. I love his modern take on traditional wood block prints, and his wonderful eye for color. (How beautiful is that color transition over the water?!?)

To the right is an image of California butterflies, part of a series by Peg Steunenberg. I have a soft spot in my heart for these images because I have a butterfly garden in my own backyard… and watching the butterflies flutter around in real life always makes me very happy! I also appreciate Steunenberg’s careful attention to precision and accuracy, because I’m a bit of a geek about this stuff. Maybe it comes from being the daughter on an environmental scientist. (On the inside of my closet door, I have a technical guide to the food plants of caterpillars…)

To the left is a painting of iconic Mount Tam, by my friend Ellen Joseph. This well-loved mountain has been painted so many times that by now, let’s face it – it’s difficult to do it without being trite. Ellen has refreshed the magic of this familiar scene for me by emphasizing the beautiful golden light in the foreground, allowing the mountain itself to function as a quiet backdrop.

To the right is an image of our region’s mystical fog, by Gage Opdenbrouw. I have spent many afternoons on the Coastside looking at a similar scene, and to me this painting really captures its meditative and vaguely melancholy feeling. Overall, I must say that Gage is a master at creating paintings that are easy to live with and look at daily. My client Cindy Farner recently selected one of his aspen images for her master bedroom and it was so lovely that we designed the entire room around the painting.

To the left is an image of afternoon light over the hills of Sonoma, by Warren Bellows. Warren truly has the soul of a healer and paints from a very expanded frame of mind. It’s a quality that really comes through in his artwork, especially when viewed in person. Warren and I used a giclée print of the image shown here in the conference room at CPMC’s Institute for Health and Healing, where it has been very well-received.

If you are looking for additional art ideas, here are some links to local resources. Have fun art shopping!

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