playing with color!

Color is one of the most powerful ways to create emotional impact in an environment. Bright tones engage and arouse, rich natural tones soothe and relax, pale muted tones support moderation and self-restraint. While we see color with our eyes, we also feel it in our bodies; color is a type of emotional food.

I believe it’s best to begin experimenting with color simply by listening to your body and tuning in to your instincts. Find out what your color cravings are, what makes you feel healthier and happier. Once you know what you like, it can be fun to interpret your desires by referencing classical color theory principles.

RED (burgundy, wine, crimson, cherry): These colors are physically stimulating and override hesitation. They evoke passion, vitality, physical potency, raw power and instinct. Red can be helpful when you want to feel more courageous or present in your physical body.

ORANGE (peach, coral, copper, terracotta, rich gold): These colors warm and intensify the emotional center of the human energy field. They evoke creativity, emotional connectedness, touch, sensuality, ease and flow. They can help us be more aware of our true feelings and to respond more authentically to others.

PINK (rose): These gentle feminine colors connect us to our vulnerability and receptivity. They remind us that there is beauty in loving with innocence, and they help us access the soft parts of ourselves we might otherwise be inclined to hide or protect. Hot pink and fuchsia are also layered with some of the qualities associated with the color red.

YELLOW (cream, chiffon, pale gold): These colors lift the spirits and boost self-confidence. Like a ray of sunshine, they give us energy and enthusiasm to follow through on our ideas. They are helpful for spaces where there is a lot of interaction or activity, or spaces where we are likely to spend time in the morning, such as a kitchen or breakfast room.

GREEN (sage, forest, mint): These colors balance and heal. They evoke nature, growth, rejuvenation, love and relaxation. In the embrace of mother nature, most of us feel more relaxed, open and safe. Thus it is often said that green is the universal color of healing and wholeness.

BLUE (navy, periwinkle, sky blue): These colors calm and quiet the mind. They bring clarity, insight, objectivity and intuition. Because they reduce anxiety and aggression, they help us to listen more effectively to other people, and truly understand where other people are coming from, supporting meaningful communication.

AQUA (teal, robin’s egg blue): These color cleanse and purify the human energy field, supporting intuition and deepening connection to the essential self. People often feel attracted to this color family during times of internal change and transformation.

PURPLE (lavender, violet, indigo): These colors are the most “refined” on the color spectrum and have a certain maturity about them. The purple tones evoke a more expansive awareness, allowing us to connect to something beyond this world while also remaining anchored in it.  A true purple has a majesty about it which evokes material prosperity, especially when combined with gold.

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