creative tabletops

Most people consider renting plates and glasses only when they are planning a large event; but this can be a wonderfully inexpensive way to create a lavish tabletop design for a smaller gathering. If you enjoy the luxury of a beautiful table, pay a visit Classic Party Rental before your next event. By far the best source for specialty party rentals in the Bay Area, Classic has an extensive collection of art glass chargers, contemporary dinnerware, colorful napkins, etc., in styles ranging from the very whimsical to very elegant. Renting these types of items allows you to be more creative, because there is no commitment to use any of them again, no pressure to store them afterwards and hardly any environmental impact – all for a small fraction of the cost of purchasing everything new! If you bring a photo of your dining room, their in-house designers will help you create something fun or sophisticated that is uniquely suited to your space.

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