recycled leather

Did you know that leather can be recycled? It’s a relatively new process, but I expect to see this product category explode in the next few years. The beauty of recycled leather might surprise you; often it is impossible to tell that it has been recycled at all! Recycled leather has a soft hand and a handsome finish, comes in a variety of colors, and tends to be more durable than new leather. Old leather can be reborn as upholstery fabrics, leather rugs, even these leather tiles from EcoDomo – which are durable, beautiful and suitable for use as floor coverings – even in high traffic areas.

Recycled leather is manufactured in a similar process to paper. Currently, most of the raw comes from scraps that would otherwise go to waste on factory floors, but hopefully as the industry expands it will be possible to salvage more raw materials from used leather goods. The scraps are ground into shreds (or “pulped,” just like paper), then mixed with water and binders such as natural rubber. This leather “mixture” is then rolled into sheets, is dyed and finished and made into fabrics. The pricing of recycled leather is extremely competitive, on par with many of the mid-priced new leathers on the market.

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