blessing your home

The essence of a blessing ceremony in feng shui is to open your heart and cast your loving awareness into the environment around you. Moving slowly and patiently, greet each object with gratitude, compassion, acceptance and reverence. It’s amazing how the energy of real love can transform the way an environment feels.

The loving awareness used in this type of ceremony doesn’t need to be separate from everyday life. For example, right in this moment you could direct your gratitude toward your computer or whatever other device you are using to read this. You could touch it gently, saying, “Thank you for giving me access to people and information all over the world.”

It’s often said that we Americans love material things. But do we really? Certainly we are quite driven to possess things and use them for our own comfort and status. But love is different; it involves seeing the divinity in something, recognizing even the humblest object inanimate object as part of God.

“Never was anything in this world loved too much, although many things have been loved in false ways, and in all too short a measure.”

~ Thomas Traherne

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